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Why is registration through a lottery?
We made the decision to switch to a lottery system in 2011 in order to establish a fair and less frantic way for entrants to register for the event.  Under the first-come-first served system, the event was filling up faster and faster each year.  In 2010, online registration slots were filled in just over four and a half hours.

The lottery provides an equal opportunity for all participants to register and be selected for the event.  The lottery system also helps eliminate errors and delays caused by high traffic volume to the registration site.

How registration for the 2015 Peachtree lottery work?
On Sunday, March 15, 2015, an online registration form for the 2015 AJC Peachtree Road Race will be available at  You will fill out the registration form and be asked to provide your credit card information.  Your credit card will NOT be charged unless your entry is selected.   There is no fee to enter the lottery.  Participants may enter the lottery only once.  Those entering multiple times will have their entries thrown out and will not be eligible for selection into the 2015 event.  The lottery will remain open through 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 22, 2015.

Regardless of the date and time one registers during the eight day period, all individuals and “Groups” will have an equal chance of being selected for the 2015 event.

Is it possible to enter the lottery as a group?
Yes, if you are interested in participating in the event with family and friends, groups of up to 10 people may enter the lottery as a “Group”.  This option is available to avoid situations where one family member or friend gets into the event and their running partners do not.  This will ensure that either everyone in the group gets in or no one does.  The odds of being selected as a group are the same as being selected as an individual.

To enter the lottery as a group, the first individual to enter the lottery will have the ability to create a “Group” and designate a group name.  Once the “Group” has been set up, the others (up to 10 individuals total) will be able to join with the group when they sign up for the lottery.  You may only sign up as an individual or as part of a group – not both – and you will not be able to change your status from individual registrant to group registrant once you have signed up.  Entrants signing up as both individuals and as members of a group will have all their registrations rejected.

All individuals within the “Group” will be informed of their selection into the 2015 Peachtree by March 25 via email or through the searchable lottery results on and

Please note:  Registering as a group does not guarantee that members of the group will be in the same start wave since start wave placement is performance-based.

Will exceptions be made for people who have participated in many AJC Peachtree Road Races over the years?
We are very proud of those who we affectionately call our Peachtree “Streakers” or people who participate in Peachtree year after year.  Special consideration will be given to “streakers” – those who have participated in 10 or more Peachtrees – when they register through the online lottery and don't get in.  You must have entered the lottery and not been selected in order for us to provide special consideration for entry into the 2015 event.

If you are a “streaker” who entered the lottery and did not get selected, please contact [email protected]  after the results for the lottery selection are announced on March 25, 2015.  Please note that we will be verifying your participation over the past years using our registration database, so you must have participated in the event under your own name to qualify as a “streaker”.  

I can’t remember if I already submitted my entry through the lottery.  Is there a way that I can verify whether or not I’m registered for the online lottery?
Yes – you can verify whether or not you have entered the lottery by going to and clicking on “verify entry status”.

Who will be responsible for selecting the participants for the 2015 AJC Peachtree Road Race?
The random selection process for the 2015 event will be conducted by a third party,

How will I know if I was selected for the 2015 event?
All lottery entrants will receive an email by Wednesday, March 25, 2015 informing them of whether or not they were selected for the 2015 event.  Searchable results of the selection process will also be posted on and by Wednesday, March 25, 2015.  Credit cards for those selected will show a charge to for entry.

I am a member of the Atlanta Track Club.  Will I need to register through the new online lottery system?
No - as in years past, Atlanta Track Club members whose memberships are current as of February 1, 2015 will receive an early entry opportunity into the 2015 AJC Peachtree Road Race.  

Early Atlanta Track Club member registration for Peachtree will open on Sunday, March 1, 2015 and remain open until 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, March 14, 2015.  If you are an Atlanta Track Club member and do not register during the early registration window, you will need to register with the general public through the online lottery.  Atlanta Track Club members will receive a letter in the mail in late February that contains step-by-step registration instructions as well as a member registration link, username and password. 

How can I find out if my Atlanta Track Club membership is current or what level of membership I have?
To check your membership type or status, click here.  Please note that those with dual or family memberships will need to search under the name of the primary membership holder.

Why didn't I receive an email confirmation and receipt after registering?  
Computers' spam filters can sometimes erase or block the email confirmation that was sent to you.  To avoid this mistake, please make sure that [email protected] is on your "allowed senders" list so that your spam filter will not block your confirmation email. 

If I don’t get selected through the online registration lottery, are there any other ways to enter the 2015 AJC Peachtree Road Race?
If you don’t get selected for the 2015 event through the lottery process, there are several ways you can still get a Peachtree number.  Individuals who are not selected through the lottery process can gain entry into the event through the official transfer system. Click here for information on the transfer system. 

As in years past, a limited amount of charity Peachtree numbers will also be available for $150 each.  The proceeds of the sale of the numbers will benefit the Atlanta Track Club’s Kilometer Kids’ youth running program.  The Kilometer Kids program is an incentive-based youth running program created by the Atlanta Track Club to encourage children to become more active through running in a fun and supportive environment.  $115 of the $150 entry is tax deductible.

The sale of race numbers through any means other than the official transfer process is strictly prohibited.  Not only does running under someone else’s name provide issues should you require medical attention during the event, but it also can have implications on our awards process.

If I don’t get selected through the lottery system this year, will I receive guaranteed entry into the 2015 event?

No, but if you enter through the lottery system and don’t get into the event two years in a row, you will receive automatic entry into the event the following year.  For example, if you enter the lottery in 2013 and 2014 and are not selected either year, you will receive guaranteed entry into the 2015 event.

I have a guarantee card from the 2014 event.  Will I need to enter through the lottery system?
No – if you turned in your 2014 AJC Peachtree Road Race number for a guarantee into the 2015 event, you will not need to register through the online lottery.  Per the instructions on your guarantee card, you will be sent a special online registration link via email for the 2015 AJC Peachtree Road Race by March 1.  The email will be sent to the address you provided during 2015 Peachtree registration.  You will still be required to pay the 2015 entry fee of $38.